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SPYRE™ Antibody Panels by Lunaphore Technologies

Manufacturer Lunaphore Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
Tools to acelerate biomarker identification and validation

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SPYRE™ Antibody Panels
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The SPYRE™ Antibody Panels are designed to support your immuno-oncology research needs with maximum flexibility and minimum effort. With the Panel Builder, and intuitive and convenient online tool, you have an entire library of Lunaphore recommended markers and protocols at your fingerprints.

Key benefits:

  • Modular panel building  - Build custom panels of your required plex level. Combine panel modules and “add-on” antibodies easily with the Panel Builder to address your biological questions.
  • Ready-to-use- protocols on COMET™ - Obtain protocols designed for COMET™ from the Panel Builder and directly run them on the instrument.
  • Label-free antibodies - Leverage your existing antibody know-how and avoid complex, time-consuming upstream conjugations. Use clones with proven specificity.

SPYRE™ Antibody Panels are available as four different kits for broad immunophenotyping suitable for a large spectrum of immuno-oncology and immunology research applications:

  • SPYRE™ T cell Core Panel kit.
  • SPYRE™ TIL Core Panel kit.
  • SPYRE™ Immune Core Panel kit.
  • SPYRE™ Immuno-Oncology Core Panel kit.

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SPYRE™ Antibody Panels by Lunaphore Technologies product image

SPYRE™ Antibody Panels

Manufacturer Lunaphore Technologies  |  Available Worldwide

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