spheroONE by Scienion

Manufacturer Scienion  |  Available Worldwide
spheroONE - automated sorting and isolation of single spheroids and organoids

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spheroONE is an innovative single large-particle sorter and dispenser which revolutionizes 3D cellular models handling. Using precision dispensing technology together with advanced image-based sorting capabilities, spheroONE is the perfect platform for the selection and isolation of single spheroids, organoids and tumoroids. It is a game-changer in drug screening and other applications where standard 3D models will gradually replace traditional animal models.
Altogether, spheroONE offers:

  • Accurate 3D model isolation (from bulk culture to 1 -> n sorted 3D models with minimum 90% accuracy)
  • Highly homogeneous plates from heterogeneous populations thanks to user-defined sorting by size and shape
  • High-quality and reproducible 3D model assays, thanks to reduced qualtity of debris and dead cells, as well as improved imaging and readouts
  • Maximized organoid functionality (select only 3D models of interest, with high post-isolation viability and possible embedding into Matrigel® thanks to T° control)"