Spectrotracer - Spectrometric probe by Bertin Technologies

Manufacturer Bertin Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
Spectroscopic solution for routine and emergency monitoring

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Spectrotracer - Spectrometric probe
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SpectroTRACER is a continuous operating measurement system for nuclide specific identification and low level gamma contamination monitoring in air/soil (SpectroTRACER Air/Soil) and liquids (SpectroTRACER Aqua).

The monitor calculates the ground contamination (Bq/m²), the air concentration (Bq/m³) and the liquid concentration (Bq/l) for each identified nuclide as well as the dose rate H*(10).

Seismic test approved, SpectroTRACER is suitable both for day-to-day or emergency monitoring. It includes also as option redundant data transmission (incl. satellite data communication) in case of electrical blackout disabling mobile phone networks. The hermetically sealed SpectroTRACER probe is designed for operation under harsh conditions demanding minimum maintenance. Low power consumption enables stationary or mobile applications using battery back-up or solar supply.