Sona Back-illuminated sCMOS by Andor Technology

Manufacturer Andor Technology
Sona is Andor’s latest high performance sCMOS camera platform, specifically for fluorescence microscopy. It launches with Sona 4.2B-11 and Sona 2.0B-11, each featuring 95% Quantum Efficiency (QE) and market-leading vacuum cooling to -45 °C. Andor’s unique capability to deliver the ultimate in sCMOS sensitivity means signal to noise can be optimized in fluorescence microscopy under conditions of reduced excitation power, thus preserving living cells during extended measureme

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Sona Back-illuminated sCMOS
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The flagship 4.2 Megapixel Sona 4.2B-11 model utilizes a unique technology approach that enables us to usefully access the entire 2048 x 2048 array, offering an impressive 32 mm sensor diagonal, harnessing the entire field of view available from the microscope. This is perfect for applications that require maximum information content, allowing large fields of cells, whole embryos or tissue samples to be captured with absolute clarity.

•    95% QE & -45 °C cooling - most sensitive back-illuminated sCMOS available
•    4.2 Megapixel (Sona 4.2B) – capture huge fields of cells & whole embryos
•    70 fps full frame – follow dynamic processes without smear
•    99.7% linearity – superb quantitative accuracy across full dynamic range
•    Vacuum longevity & quality – no moisture on sensor; no QE decay

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