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Silicone objectives by Nikon Healthcare Business – Microscope Solutions

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Our objectives help you focus on yours.

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Silicone objectives
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This unique series of objective lenses provides superior depth and resolution performance for biological imaging at multiple magnifications by more closely matching the refractive index of cells and tissues. Nikon silicone objectives are perfect for live-cell applications, especially in complex 3D structures, for long-term, time-lapse, real-time experiments. All three silicone objectives are bright, aberration-free, and support more accurate morphological and intensity based quantifications. Last but not least, they are suitable for 25 mm FOV with excellent spectral correction.

Application areas:

  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Cell Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Neurobiology Expand your view by imaging deeper into tissue and resolving more cellular detail 
  • Exceptional brightness at depth, resolution and aberration-free images
  • Specially designed for live-cell imaging in spheroids, organoids, embryos, zebrafish and tissue slices where cellular details are required 
  • Enhance 3D imaging by increasing z-stack deconvolution results in both widefield and confocal microscopy
  • Multiple magnifications provide an easy and practical way to switch in various types of live-cell imaging experiments