RSA-Pro X™ Autosampler Vials and Caps by MicroSolv Technology Corp.

Manufacturer MicroSolv Technology Corp.  |  Available Worldwide
A proprietary surface treatment of RSA™ vials to a permanent hydrophobic state that won’t degrade with time or in the presence of water. This treatment renders the hydrophobic glass surface very hydrophobic and hydrolytically stable that won’t bleed or leach into your chromatograms.

RSA-Pro X™ Autosampler Vials and Caps by MicroSolv Technology Corp. product image
RSA-Pro X™ Autosampler Vials and Caps

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The RSA-Pro X™ Technology was developed for neutral and acidic compounds that are "sticky" with glass surfaces as they interact with the glass structure itself, including siloxane bridges and common surface metals. Proteins, peptides, enzymes, and many other compounds fall into this category and often require a "deactivated" glass surface treatment known as silanization to be used. 

Starting with RSA™ Vials an advanced process with covalent bonding of a special compound is applied that completely covers the RSA™ Surface making it full hydrophobic. This is something that is not found with regular silanization. 

Using RSA-Pro X™ treated vials has an improved Quantitation %RSD from run to run, day to day and vial to vial. You can expect improved data with basic, acidic, or neutral compounds. 

  • Get Higher Recovery of your Analytes
  • Produce Higher Sensitivity
  • Improved %RSD, Batch to Batch, Vial to Vial
  • Improved Chemical Resistance Compared to Silanized Glass.