QIAshredder (50) by QIAGEN

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |   Model: 79654  |  Available Worldwide
For simple and rapid homogenization of cell and tissue lysates

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QIAshredder (50)
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QIAshredder. For simple and rapid homogenization of cell and tissue lysates.

Kit Contents:

Qiagen QIAshredder, 50 Disposable Cell-lysate Homogenizers for use in Nucleic acid preps, Caps, For Simple and Rapid Homogenization of Cell and Tissue Lysates, Replaces Syringe-and-needle Homogenization, Reduces Loss of Sample Material, Eliminates Cross-contamination Between Samples, Filters out Insoluble Debris and Reduces Viscosity, Spin-column Format, QIAshredder Homogenizer Placed in a Collection Tube and Centrifuged.


  • Replaces syringe-and-needle homogenization
  • Reduces loss of sample material
  • Eliminates cross-contamination between samples
  • Filters out insoluble debris and reduces viscosity