ProteoSave™ Low Bind 0.5mL Slim Tube by S-Bio

Manufacturer S-Bio  |   Model: MS-4201XZ
Protein Low-binding Labware PROTEOSAVE™ series offer unique advantage over regular polypropylene or polystyrene tubes in reducing sample loss by preventing non-specific binding of sample (proetins, peptide, cells) to the plastic surface.

ProteoSave™  Low Bind 0.5mL Slim Tube by S-Bio product image
ProteoSave™ Low Bind 0.5mL Slim Tube

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Prevent sample loss due to non-specific binding of sample to the plastic tube.  

  • The inner tube surface is coated with a high density hydroxyl group that prevents sample loss by reducing adsorption of proteins, peptide and cells to the plastic surface 
  • Resistance to organic solvents and detergents
  • Heat (boiling at 100°C, 10min.) and cold resistant
  • Sterilized products are suitable for the preservation of cell products, additives and freezing samples
  • Withstands high speed centrifuge (19,500G) speed