ProtectR® Tubes by Labcon North America

Manufacturer Labcon North America  |   Model: 3830-320-000-9  |  Available Worldwide
ProtectR® tubes are the only container closure system engineered to be CO2 resistant. These tubes seal to form an impermeable barrier that prevent costly damage to molecular and cellular solutions when using dry ice. This integral barrier keeps the sample pH stable, preventing acidification. ProtectR® tubes are IATA 95 kPa certified for shipping and withstand high speed centrifugation, autoclaving (121°C) and freezing (-80°C).

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ProtectR® Tubes
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Labcon's ProtectR® tube is the only container closure system engineered to be CO2 resistant and stop costly damage to molecular and cellular solutions when using dry ice. Samples of proteins, other biological molecules, and cell cultures are commonly shipped and stored on dry ice, putting them at risk of acidification by up to 2.5 pH units. 

In standard centrifuge tubes, CO2 vapor from dry ice enters the tube headspace and causes a significant drop in the pH of the sample.  Even in short term storage conditions, samples may become acidified. This acidification can affect the integrity and reproducibility of samples, and may result in a loss of protein activity. Made of durable, high quality materials and fitted with an air-tight cap,

ProtectR Tubes form a protective barrier impermeable to CO2, keeping the sample pH stable and preventing acidification. Features: Airtight, leak-resistant caps prohibit CO2 from entering the tube’s headspace 
ProtectR tubes are ideal vessel for primary & secondary containment when shipping on dry ice. 


  • Caps include a red integral moulded elastomeric seal engineered to block CO2 from entering through the tube’s headspace
  • Spin to 12,500 xG 
  • IATA 95kPa certified to conform with USDOT HMR, 49 C.F.R., Parts 171-180 and IATA DGR UN3373 PI650 mailing tube standards and packaging instructions for diagnostic and infectious specimens
  • Patented anti-smear writing surface
  • 3 colour printed graduations and reverse reading scale
  • Freezable 121°C to -80°C and autoclavable
  • Freeze line


  • All SuperClear® Centrifuge Tubes are made of high quality 100% pure virgin medical grade polypropylene. Resins are pre-tested to ensure no extractables are present (free of DiHEMDA, oleamide, and BPA). 
  • Every lot of centrifuge tubes is lab tested and certified free of detectable ATP, Nuclease (RNase/DNase), Endotoxin (pyrogen) contamination and certified to U.S.P. results. 
  • Resins are pre-tested for metal contamination. 

Sustainable Design

  • Designed for maximum product recyclability and manufactured in a solar powered facility with unique waste-free moulding machines
  • Tube graphics and graduations are printed with UV cured inks which significantly reduces the emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Caps, tubes, and packaging feature recycling codes

Packaging options

  • IntegraPack (5 leak-resistant sleeves of 10 tubes)
  • Individually wrapped

Validated sterility: 

  • Sterile centrifuge tubes are certified sterile with a 10-6 sterility assurance level (SAL) and have packaging approved for medical use. 
  • All sterile tubes receive a validated dose following ISO 11137 requirement.