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Quadrupole mass spectrometers are the classic measuring instrument for evaluating residual gas composition in a vacuum system.

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The combination of high sensitivity, maximum stability and intelligent operation make the PrismaPro the perfect solution for mass spectrometry.  Versatility Its modular design offers you a variety of application options in industrial and analytical environments, in research & development, in semiconductor production and in coating technology. The PrismaPro is the ideal solution for applications ranging from quality assurance, leak detection and residual gas analysis right through to complex, quantitative tasks.

New generation of software

The newly developed PV MassSpec software is a further plus. In addition to being especially easy to operate, it also serves as an easy-to-read platform for transferring all measured data.  

Open programming interface

Alternatively to the PV MassSpec, the disclosed JSON programming interface of the PrismaPro can also be accessed directly. Together with a wide selection of interfaces, such as digital and analog inputs and outputs or Ethernet, integration into your system is easily achieved.

Our product and service professionals around the world stand ready to provide you with application assistance on the implementation of the PrismaPro. Many decades of customer and application-specific experiences make Pfeiffer Vacuum your ideal partner.

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PrismaPro® by Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH product image


Manufacturer Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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