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PQ LC by Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

Manufacturer Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG  |  Available Worldwide
Solutions for LC-ICP-MS

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PQ LC is a series of modular liquid chromatography systems designed for LC-ICP-MS applications in combination with the PlasmaQuant® MS and MS Elite ICP-MS devices by Analytik Jena. The combination of PQ LC and PlasmaQuant® MS (Elite) provides the most versatile, robust and sensitive solution for speciation analysis yet. It is ideal for the characterization of environmental, food, agricultural, clinical, pharma or consumer goods samples, among many others. The coupling of liquid chromatography with ICP-MS offers unparalleled precision and accuracy with detection limits in the sub parts per trillion range (<1 ng/L).

Optimize your analysis:

  • Identify major and trace elements simultaneously
  • Work more effectively thanks to minimum downtime, high sample throughput and low maintenance requirements
  • Benefit from smooth workflows thanks to user-friendly interfaces, software and the easy change of applications
  • Customize and automate the system to your requirements with various upgrade modules such as vial racks or adaptors for microtiter plates

The PQ LC is available in three versions:

PQ LC compact – the routine HPLC system, metal free in PEEK
PQ LC – available in stainless steel and PEEK with various upgrades
PQ IC – the uncompromised ion chromatography solution


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