Platinous Series Environmental Chambers by UNITEMP

Manufacturer UNITEMP
PL-3 - The Platinous series of environmental test chambers offers a variety of sizes, ranges, and options to meet your specific environmental testing requirements.All Espec Platinous series Test Chambers are manufactured to UL, IEC, SAE and EUCAR 1- 6 standards, enabling risk-free testing to investigate safety, performance and reliability of battery cells. The built-in safety features reduce the chance of an explosion and minimise the damaging effects of a spark-induced explosion.

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Platinous Series Environmental Chambers

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Because battery failure is a real risk (and sometimes a desired outcome), environmental chambers need safety systems to protect from harmful explosions and ensure operator safety. Based on your testing needs and safety requirements, ESPEC can help with the following options to create a complete testing system.

 Common test standards for secondary lithium ion battery cells or modules: 

  • UL 1642 - Standard for Lithium Batteries
  • UL 2054 - Household and Commercial Batteries
  • IEC 62133 - Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells
  • IEC 62660-2 - Secondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles - Part 2: Reliability and abuse testing
  • SAE J2464 - Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS)

Battery Fast Temperature Cycling & Shock - Batteries need to be able to withstand drastic changes in temperature. The thermal shock and temperature cycling tests called out in the IEC,  UL, and SAE standards test the battery’s integrity.  

Battery Hot/Cold Testing - Hot and cold thermal testing determines the performance of batteries at various temperatures. These chambers are designed to incorporate various safety features for hot and cold testing of secondary lithium-ion batteries.

Battery Heat Testing - Industrial ovens for heat-stress testing of batteries at elevated temperatures, according to UL, IEC, and other standards. The ovens include safety features in the event of catastrophic battery failure.

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Platinous Series Environmental Chambers by UNITEMP product image

Platinous Series Environmental Chambers

Manufacturer UNITEMP

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