Pipette+ Smart Pipetting Stand by Andrew Alliance

Manufacturer Andrew Alliance  |   Model: 618.8  |  Available Worldwide
Smart electronic pipettes that are controlled from your browser while you execute your experiments:  improved productivity and reproducibility with less workload.

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Pipette+ Smart Pipetting Stand
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Pipette+ exploits connected electronic pipettes that can execute laboratory protocols designed in OneLab, reducing the bench workload by 90%.  These intelligent electronic pipettes are controlled by cloud software for superior performance, ergonomics and simplicity of use, minimizing execution errors and providing full experimental traceability.

  • Far more than just an electronic pipette… Pipette+ comprises smart electronic pipettes connected via Bluetooth to a charging stand, and a full computer inside the charging stand that is connected in its turn with OneLab.
  • Smart Electronic single and multichannel pipettes are automatically identified by the stand when the user deposits the pipettes on its slots, and they are charged, monitored, paired and registered transparently without the user even being aware of it. Flawless and seamless traceability, without additional work.
  • Reproducibility and full traceability of biological experiments is assured by means of software assistance through a highly intuitive cloud-native software environment. the OneLab Laboratory Software enables scientists to graphically describe their protocols first, and then be guided step-by-step during the experiment execution. This eliminates incorrect volume setting, miscalculations, or forgetting tip ejection and mixing steps.
  • For your more complex workflows, thanks to OneLab, you will be able to control other connected devices such as a shaker, a heater/cooler, etc.. all of this without the work involved in manually setting them up, and with the added advantage of full traceability.

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Pipette+ Smart Pipetting Stand by Andrew Alliance product image

Pipette+ Smart Pipetting Stand

Manufacturer Andrew Alliance  |  Available Worldwide

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