Pearl Micropipettes by LH Technologies

Manufacturer LH Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
 Pearl Miniature Fixed Volume micropipettes from LH Technologies are specially designed for use with Diagnostic Kits.

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Pearl Micropipette

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The 130 mm length of the Pearl micropipettes and low-cost make them an ideal solution for diagnostic kits.  
The two-step plunger operation facilitates blow-out from the tip for last drop dispensing – more accurate than both syringe style and transfer pipets.
Available in 10 ranges from 5 – 1000 µL.
Optimum Size:
  • Designed with user comfort in mind - 130mm length is just the right length.
  • The pearl micropipettes is easily held like a pipette, not like a cumbersome syringe.
Adaptive Tip Cone:
  • The two volume 5µl, 10µl and 20µl micropipettes are designed to accept both regular 200µl tips and ultra micro-tips up to 20µl, which significantly enhances their accuracy and precision.
Two Step Plunger Operation:
  • The two-step plunger operation makes this a genuine miniature pipette that conforms to ISO 8655
  • This features allows the Pearl to be used for reverse pipetting and repetitive pipetting.


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Pearl Micropipettes by LH Technologies product image

Pearl Micropipettes

Manufacturer LH Technologies  |  Available Worldwide

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