OmniStar®/ThermoStar® by Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

Manufacturer Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
The next generation in efficient solution for gas analysis. Intelligent software. Easy operation. Compact design. Customization possible.

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OmniStar and ThermoStar are compact benchtop analysis  systems for sample gases at, or below atmospheric pressure. They are the perfect complete solution for gas analysis, especially in chemical processes, the semiconductor industry, in metallurgy, fermentation, catalysis, freeze drying and  environmental analysis.

The analysis systems consist of an inlet system, a PrismaPro mass spectrometer, a dry-compressing diaphragm vacuum pump MVP and a HiPace turbopump. The gas inlet is equipped with a capillary that can be heated  to 350°C; this capillary is made of stainless steel in the  OmniStar and of quartz glass in the ThermoStar. The heated  capillary prevents vapors from condensing during analysis  of the sample gas. This 2-stage inlet enables a quasi segrega-tion-free gas supply.

The PV MassSpec mass spectrometer software enables quali-tative and quantitative analyses. The systems cover the mass ranges of 1-100 u, 1-200 u and 1-300 u.

The ThermoStar solution was specifically developed for  coupling with thermo balances. The inlet system incorporates a quartz capillary and platinum orifice, assuring that even  minute concentrations can still be analyzed. In contrast to competitive analysis methods, such as FTIR and IR, it is  possible to detect all gases within the mass range.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Qualitative and quantitative gas analysis, connection port for calibration gas inlet systems
  • Low detection limit (< 100 ppb),  even for condensable gases
  • Compact, easy-to-operate analysis  unit with 7“ colored touch screen or Web User Inferface
  • Heated capillary inlet, up to 350 °C
  • Bakeable all-metal sealed high vacuum chamber for low backgrounds
  • Customized versions possible,  e.g. pressure controlled inlet, special inlet systems, special housing designs
  • Mass ranges of 1 to 100 u, 1 to 200 u and  1 to 300 u
  • Fast, reliable and precise measurement of non-polar and noble gases
  • Soft Ionization option (15 –  100 eV)
  • Compact and portable  (approx. 23 kg total weight)
  • Low gas consumption (1 –  2 sccm)
  • Fast measuring time  (up to 1 ms/u dwell time)

Product Overview

OmniStar®/ThermoStar® by Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH product image


Manufacturer Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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