MPR-N450FSH-PA by PHC Corporation of North America

Provides a complete storage solution; Refrigerator and Freezer Combination unit.  Refrigerator 11.5 cubic feet. / Freezer 4.8 cubic feet.

MPR-N450FSH-PA by PHC Corporation of North America product image
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The MPR-N450FSH-PA Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer Combo provides a storage environment with precise temperature control and superior uniformity ideal for biologic material, vaccine and pharmaceuticals. This unique combination refrigerator and freezer in one cabinet provides for safe storage of all stored product in a small single footprint, conserving lab space. The energy-efficient MPR-N450FSH-PA Refrigerator / Freezer combo offers two independent, high-performance refrigeration systems with quiet operation and includes microprocessor control system with multi-function alarms and temperature monitoring.