Model 1575 Immunowash™ Microplate Washer by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad  |   Model: 1707009
Model 1575 Immunowash Microplate Washer

Model 1575 Immunowash™ Microplate Washer by Bio-Rad product image
Model 1575 Immunowash™ Microplate Washer
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The Model 1575 Immunowash™ microplate washer offers up to 75 programmable protocols that can be saved and easily modified. Each protocol is a combination of seven adjustable procedures (washing, aspiration, dispensing, bottom washing, bottom aspiration, shaking, and soaking) and multiple cycles. Programmable horizontal and vertical needle positions enable crosswise aspiration and overflow washing. The washer is compatible with 96-well microplates that have flat-, U-, or V-bottom wells and is also compatible with strips.


  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Replaces tedious sequences of repeated aspiration and dispensing steps
  • Reproducibility of assays and repeatability of workflows
  • Accommodates assays with special requirements (sediments, coagulants, low liquid agitation requirements)

Manifolds (8- and 12-channel) are easy to install for different orientations of the washing procedure in plates and individual strips. The washer includes a bottle and tubing, an 8-port manifold, and an aerosol protection cover.