MDF-MU549DHL-PA by PHC Corporation of North America

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Stable -40ºC Freezer with extensive storage options. 16.9 cubic feet.

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Good for storage.
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Storage purpose s

"All of our items can easily be stored down to -40 degrees. Prolong storage can be achieved easily with minimized energy consumption."

Review date: 21 May 2020 | MDF-MU549DHL-PA

PHCbi -40°C Biomedical ECO Freezers provide a stable and reliable environment for storage of enzymes, vaccines, pharmaceutical products and other biomedical materials with uniform temperatures. High-performance refrigeration systems provide responsive cooling, while a manual defrost function eliminates temperature fluctuation. The advanced combination of natural refrigerants, a high-performance inverter compressor and integrated electronic controls are engineered for enhanced security and dependability.The MDF-MU549DHL-PA -40°C ECO dual chamber biomedical freezer features 16.9 cu.ft. of flexible storage in two independent chambers, offering stable temperature and utility value when cabinet sharing is desired, minimizing exposure to stored product. This system is designed to manage overall performance, reliably protecting stored products and lowering operating costs by up to 28% compared to conventional models.