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MDF-DU703VH VIP ECO SMART ULT Freezer by PHC Corporation of North America

Manufacturer PHC Corporation of North America  |  Available Worldwide

MDF-DU703VH VIP ECO SMART ULT Freezer by PHC Corporation of North America product image
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Natural refrigerants and inverter technology

Naturally ocurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants have minimal effect on the environment and are compliant with environmental legislation for climate control. Combined with inverter technology, these refrigerants also provide more efficient cooling without compromising cooling performance, ambient tolerance, and recovery speeds following door openings.

Energy efficient performance

Natural refrigerants, compressors and integrated electronics combine to lower operating costs. Freezer operation is managed by effectively balancing temperature performance and energy management.

New & larger control panel with multiple features

Larger display improves visibility, increasing from 7.0 Inches to10.1 Inches (1.4 times larger in size & 1.6 times higher in resolution), compared to conventional models.

Intelligent interface

The newly designed control panel with rearranged layout and icons greatly enhances usability. The touchscreen method has also changed from the resistive method to the capacitive method, enabling comfortable use even with lab gloves on.

The ergonomic "EZlatch" now coupled

The ergonomically designed "Ezlatch" door handle, as the name suggests, allows for secure door opening / closing with minimal force. Newly added “Electric Lock” automatically unlocks/locks the door keys, making access to stored samples much easier.

Various login methods to suit every scenario

1. Password Protection
UP to 100 accounts registrable, each with individual passwords.

2. Face Recognition
Take a picture of your face and register it. Once the camera recognizes you, you will automatically be logged in.