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Mastercycler X40 - PCR Thermal Cycler® by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

The Mastercycler X40 combines features that raise your standard in endpoint PCR to a new level. In addition to classic features such as a twelve-slit gradient and outstanding block temperature homogeneity, there is a simple, intuitive user interface, a touchscreen and a SafeLid lid that protects your samples from evaporation.

Mastercycler X40 - PCR Thermal Cycler® by Eppendorf product image
Mastercycler X40 - PCR Thermal Cycler®
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The Eppendorf Mastercycler X40 takes your standard PCR into a new era. It combines futuristic design with well-known quality. The reliable aluminium block ensures outstanding temperature homogeneity. A gradient over twelve columns provides fast PCR optimization. Programs from older Mastercycler models can be easily imported. Transfer logs from other cycler models with the program migration feature so you can get started right away. All programming is done quickly, intuitively and conveniently via a chemical-resistant touchscreen with a glass surface and the proven user interface that is also used in the Mastercycler X50. The handle can be operated with one hand and the SafeLid lid automatically adjusts so that it seals your samples with the perfect pressure and protects them from evaporation. Whether you are using 0.1 mL or 0.2 mL tubes and vascular strips or PCR plates. All PCR plate types – skirted, semi-skirted and unskirted – can be used.

For monitoring and audit trails, you can connect the Mastercycler X40 directly to the Visonize LabSuite. By connecting several Eppendorf Visionize onboard devices, you can transform your facility into a digital laboratory.

All this with a thermal cycler that is barely bigger than a sheet of paper and weighs only 7.25 kg.

Sustainability is indispensable. That's why the Mastercycler X40 is delivered in a sturdy protective box. The included quick guide provides all the information you need to get started with your PCR right away. The complete manual will be made available as a digital version and can be accessed via a QR code on the device.