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LumiraDx Platform by LumiraDx

Manufacturer LumiraDx
Next-generation point of care diagnostic platform - Next-generation microfluidic technology on the LumiraDx Platform enables lab-comparable performance across a broad menu of diagnostic assays.

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LumiraDx Platform
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Broad menu of lab comparable results on a single, portable diagnostic point-of-care platform

Currently offering CRP, D-Dimer, HbA1c, INR, NT-proBNP, SARS-CoV-2 Antigen and Antibody test capabilities, with a pipeline of over 30 tests across a range of assay technologies including enzyme, immunoassay, molecular and electrolyte assays. All carried out on one, easy to use device.

  • Multiple tests on a single platform
  • One simple, intuitive test workflow 
  • Small sample volumes, including capillary blood
  • Portable instrument, seamless connectivity   
  • Room temperature storage of test strips