Liver-MPS 12 (LC12) Consumable Plates by CN Bio

Manufacturer CN Bio  |  Available Worldwide
MPS-LC12 consumable plates from CN Bio enable the advanced culture of in vitro 3D microtissues under perfusion, such as liver-on-a-chip, to generate clinically translatable data.

Liver-MPS 12 (LC12) Consumable Plates by CN Bio product image
Liver-MPS 12 (LC12) Consumable Plates
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In conjunction with the PhysioMimix™ OOC Single, or Multi-Organ Microphysiological (MPS) Systems, MPS-LC12 consumable plates are used to culture advanced 3D in vitro organ-on-a-chip models that provide fast, accurate and clinically translatable human data for improving the predictability of drug discovery. 

Arranged in a multi-well format, the MPS-LC12 consumable plate features 12 independent wells that represent mini bioreactors. Embedded into each well are three-dimensional (3D) scaffolds. During experiments, scaffolds are continually perfused by oxygen and nutrients in cell culture medium, creating the ideal culture conditions for 3D microtissue formation. For example, by co-culturing primary liver cells in MPS-LC12 consumable plates, it is possible to mimic the architecture of the human liver capillary bed under perfusion. 

Validated applications for MPS-LC12 consumable plates include: 

  • Disease modelling: e.g. NAFLD/NASH, Hepatitis B, Breast cancer liver metastasis, DILI 
  • Toxicology  
  • ADME 
  • Pharmacology  
  • Immuno-oncology  
  • Drug repurposing 

MPS-LC12 consumable plates are: 

  • Suitable for organoids, spheroids, iPSCs, primary cells, immortalized cell lines and precision-cut tissue slices  
  • For sole use with CN Bio’s PhysioMimix™ OOC Single and Multi-Organ Microphysiological (MPS) Systems  
  • Designed to support users transitioning from 2D cell culture into 3D microtissues via a familiar open-well plate-based format  
  • PDMS-free, reducing non-specific binding for non-biased assessment of drug responses  

Contact CN Bio for more information about 3D in vitro models validated using MPS-LC12 consumable plates, or guidance designing your own bespoke tissue or organ mimics.