LIQUIPORT® Liquid Transfer Pumps by KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Manufacturer KNF Neuberger, Inc.  |   Model: LIQUIPORT 100, 300  |  Available Worldwide
KNF liquid diaphragm pumps are small, quiet, self-priming, maintenance-free, and will operate dry indefinitely without damage. Each includes intuitive control options and a splash-proof housing. Unlike peristaltic pumps, there is no tubing to break or fatigue, therefore flow rates are consistent and reliable. In addition, all KNF liquid pumps offer premium, chemically resistant models.

LIQUIPORT® Liquid Transfer Pumps by KNF Neuberger, Inc. product image
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Technical Features: 

  • Equipped with brushless DC Motor 
  • Flow rates from 0.2 l/min to 3 l/min
  • Improved service life 
  • With integrated overheating protection
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Self-priming, can run dry
  • Analog and impulse control (RC)
  • Splashproof IP65
  • Small footprint