LE220Rsc Focused-ultrasonicator by Covaris

Manufacturer Covaris  |  Available Worldwide
Powered by Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) Technology

LE220Rsc Focused-ultrasonicator by Covaris product image
LE220Rsc Focused-ultrasonicator
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As the highest power and fastest sample processing system in the Covaris portfolio, the LE220Rsc Focused-ultrasonicator rapidly delivers AFA-energetics® to standard SBS format plates using the scanning mode. It offers tunable acoustic energy, integration with robotic platforms, and more power than the LE220-plus and R230 Focused-ultrasonicators. This instrument enables a variety of novel, high power, fast process applications such as lysis of difficult-to-lyse microorganisms (for example, yeast) in a 96 AFA-TUBE TPX plate and dissolution of difficult-to-solubilize compounds.