Laboratory Refrigerators by B Medical Systems

Manufacturer B Medical Systems  |  Available Worldwide
B Medical Systems' Laboratory Refrigerators are devices for the safe storage of samples, specimens, cultures and other laboratory preparations at cold temperatures between +4°C and +15°C.  

Laboratory Refrigerators by B Medical Systems product image
9 models, wide variety of volumes (45-763L)

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  • Accurate temperature control
  • 24*7 monitoring
  • Energy saving
  • Reliability at an optimal price
  • Comfortable workplace

Key features

  • Certified medical devices Class I & compliant with DIN 13221
  • Audio-visual alarm system with remote transmission
  • Remote monitoring, export through USB, long-term archiving  
  • 7” color touchscreen temperature display
  • Temperature stability, uniformity, recovery
  • Safety feature preventing temperatures below freezing
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant 
  • Lightweight organic glass door for better visibility of the content
  • Ultra-silent and high-performing compressor
  • Locking mechanism protected by card reader and password
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lifetime warranty on corrosion
  • High-quality materials
  • Antibacterial coating