KRIBIOLISA™ Teriparatide (PTH -34) ELISA by KRISHGEN BioSystems

Manufacturer KRISHGEN BioSystems  |   Model: KBI5032  |  Available Worldwide
Immunoassay for quantitative estimation of Teriparatide in human  serum and plasma.

KRIBIOLISA™ Teriparatide (PTH -34) ELISA by KRISHGEN BioSystems product image
KRIBIOLISA™ Teriparatide (PTH -34) ELISA
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The Teriparatide ELISA is used for estimation of Teriparatide in serum, plasma, or tissue extracts in pharmacokinetics, peptide delivery study and other purposes.

Teriparatide is a recombinant protein form of parathyroid hormone consisting of the first (N-terminus) 34 amino acids, which is the bioactive portion of the hormone. It is an effective anabolic (i.e., bone growing) agent used in the treatment of some forms of osteoporosis. The Teriparatide ELISA kit is designed to measure teriparatide with high specificity while minimizing crossreactivity to human PTH (1-84) and other PTHrPs.

The Teriparatide ELISA is a competitive immunoassay for the determination of Teriparatide. The antiserum is captured by antibodies coated on a 96-well plate. A constant concentration of Biotin Concentrate and varying concentrations of unlabeled standard or sample compete for binding specifically to the antiserum. Captured Bt-tracer is subsequently bound by SA-HRP (streptavidin-conjugated horseradish peroxidase), which produces a soluble colored product after a substrate is added. The enzyme reaction is stopped by dispensing an acidic solution (H2SO4) into the wells after 10 min at room temperature turning the solution from blue to yellow. The optical density (OD) of the solution at 450 nm is inversely proportional to the amount of specific Teriparatide bound.

  • Calibrator Range: 0.1-1000 ng/ml
  • Sample Type: Precoated plates using monoclonal antibodies; Sample type - Serum, Plasma, or Tissue extracts
  • Shipping Condition: 2 - 8 Deg C
  • Detection Method: Colorimetric

Usage: For Research Use Only

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KRIBIOLISA™ Teriparatide (PTH -34) ELISA by KRISHGEN BioSystems product image

KRIBIOLISA™ Teriparatide (PTH -34) ELISA

Manufacturer KRISHGEN BioSystems  |  Available Worldwide

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