Köttermann Single Tables by Köttermann GmbH

Manufacturer Köttermann GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
Workplace, storage space, or footprint for test setups and devices – Köttermann Single Tables fulfill a variety of tasks in the laboratory. If fixed, they can be flexibly adjusted in height and adapted to uneven floors. On castors, they enable mobile working and the transport of heavy equipment.

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Köttermann Single Tables
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Whether heavy-duty tables, single tables with or without castors, or weighing tables as experts for vibration-free measuring, we customize according to your requirements.

  • Mobile with castors, load capacity up to 100 kg
  • Flexibly adjustable height without castors, load capacity up to 300 kg
  •  Also available as a heavy-duty bench for point loads up to 200 kg or surface loads up to 400 kg