IR Biotyper® by Bruker Microbiology & Infection Diagnostics

Manufacturer Bruker Microbiology & Infection Diagnostics  |  Available Worldwide
The IR Biotyper ® , leveraging FT-IR spectroscopy, enables swift, user-friendly, and cost-effective same-day typing of microbial strains for applications in hospital hygiene, epidemiology, industrial hygiene control, and source tracking.   

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IR Biotyper®
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Introducing the IR Biotyper®, powered by FT-IR spectroscopy, for rapid and effortless microbial strain typing. Taking microbial analysis beyond species, this innovative tool excels in identifying strains and subspecies swiftly. Unlike traditional molecular technologies notorious for being expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome, the IR Biotyper® delivers same-day results. 

In hospital hygiene management, there is a significant demand for rapid, user-friendly, and cost-effective typing methods for infection control, epidemiological studies, and gaining insights into infection pathogenesis. Bruker's IR Biotyper® offers a solution tailored to subtyping microorganisms, addressing hospital hygiene needs with exceptional discriminatory power comparable to routine molecular genetic methods. This real-time surveillance capability of the IR Biotyper® aids in promptly identifying hygiene-related outbreaks on hospital wards, providing a valuable edge over molecular strain typing, which often takes days and yields results only for the records. Our IR Biotyper® plays a crucial role in empowering the healthcare community to proactively prevent hospital-acquired infections caused by antibiotic-resistant microbes, ensuring a more effective defence against these challenging adversaries. 

In food, beverage and pharmaceutical production lines, where hygiene control and source tracking are crucial, the IR Biotyper® enables real-time monitoring and source tracking. The IR Biotyper® proves also valuable for control of beneficial microorganisms. For maintaining quality and consistency in products derived from these, implementing Quality Control (QC) strategies is imperative in monitoring biotechnological manufacturing. The IR Biotyper® streamlines this process, allowing for strain typing of technological strains in less than 3 hours, contributing to efficient monitoring and quality assurance.