InSphero Incubox™ by InSphero

Manufacturer InSphero  |  Available Worldwide
The InSphero Incubox™ is a specially engineered container that creates a high-humidity microclimate inside conventional cell culture incubators and protects your sensitive plates from large humidity drops and fluctuations – the major cause for evaporation effects. Contains 1 Incubox™ with water bath, and venting holes for continuous gas exchange; built of transparent, inert, and temperature-stable material, non-sterile.

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InSphero Incubox™
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  • Maintain a stable medium volume and accurate compound concentration due to minimal evaporation over time.
  • Reduce well-to-well variation by minimizing evaporation-induced reagent gradients across the plate.
  • Use all wells of your plate by eliminating edge effects in your culture plate.
  • Save on plasticware by using up to 38% more wells of your plate.

InSphero Incubox™ can accommodate up to 20 microplates and fits on the shelves of a wide range of incubators.

  • Made of aluminum, stainless steel, and toughened safety glass (ESG)

Incubox™ is compatible with a wide range of solvents and can be autoclaved in a standard incubator thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

  • The Incubox™ is equipped with its own water bath which allows water exchange without disrupting the incubation conditions.
  • A defined number of holes on the backside of the Incubox™ ensures gas exchange and maintains ambient O2 and CO2 concentrations while also preventing humidity loss.
  • The magnetic closure system allows quick, safe, and one-handed door handling to access the plates inside the InSphero Incubox™.

Dimensions: height - 210 mm, width - 350 mm, depth - 375 mm

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InSphero Incubox™ by InSphero product image

InSphero Incubox™

Manufacturer InSphero  |  Available Worldwide

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