Initiator Peptide Workstation by Biotage

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The Biotage ® Initiator Peptide Workstation

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Initiator Peptide Workstation

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The Biotage® Initiator Peptide Workstation

Manual Microwave Peptide Synthesis Key Features:

  • Enables microwave assisted peptide synthesis
  • Reusable 2-5 mL or 10-20 mL microwave peptide vials
  • Disposable HDPE frit
  • Reusable snap cap
  • Height adjustable vacuum head
  • Use in Initiator without system modifications
  • Microwave cleavage on the same platform
  • Compact footprint Rapidly synthesize high quality peptides using microwave irradiation

The Biotage® Initiator Peptide Workstation is an accessory to perform manual microwave peptide synthesis and cleavage utilizing the Biotage Initiator microwave synthesizer. The Initiator Peptide Workstation consists of a specially designed microwave peptide vial and wash station to enable the synthesis of peptides using the Initiator without any system modifications. Peptide synthesis is performed in the microwave peptide vial utilizing the Initiator under atmospheric conditions. The vial contents are filtered and washed using the wash station. This is a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of microwave assisted solution and solid phase peptide synthesis.

Microwave Peptide Vials

The microwave peptide vial is available in two different sizes; 2-5 mL for 75-150 µmol scale or 10-20 mL for 250-500 µmol scale (depending on resin loading). The complete vial is easily assembled and consists of a glass vial, HDPE frit, check valve and snap cap with septum.

Wash Station

The wash station consists of a specially designed height adjustable vacuum head on a stand. When connected to a vacuum pump, this allows the microwave peptide vial to be easily emptied when positioned on the vacuum head. Material can be collected in a standard GL 45 laboratory glass bottle, 50 mL centrifuge tube or even a round bottom flask.

  • Economically Synthesize Difficult Sequences Use microwave irradiation and standard reagents to synthesize difficult sequences that are problematic or even impossible to synthesize using standard methods.
  • Faster Synthesis Reduce cycle times by using microwave irradiation and fast manual washing and emptying.
  • Versatile Allows solution and solid phase peptide synthesis, cleavage of peptides and post-synthetic modification of peptides using microwave irradiation. The Workstation can also be used to perform other types of chemistry, e.g. organic, PNA and peptoid synthesis.
  • Reduce Costs When using expensive reagents you can manually add the exact amount of reagent while minimizing waste and costs.

Specifications of the Wash Station:

  • Two microwave peptide vial sizes available: 2-5 mL for 75-150 µmol scale or 10-20 mL for 250-500 µmol scale (depending on resin loading)
  • Agitation: Variable magnetic stirrer (recommend 300-600 rpm)
  • Initiator type: with EXP function only (disconnect robot and restart system)
  • Wash station vacuum seal: viton seal as standard, kalrez seal available as an option
  • Wash station vacuum head fits: standard GL 45 (45 mm diameter neck size) laboratory glass bottles, 50 mL centrifuge tube and round bottom flasks (B24 and larger)
  • Dimensions: 180 x 190 x 340 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg