INHECO Thermoshake - Heating, Cooling & Shaking by INHECO GmbH

Manufacturer INHECO GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
Unique heating & cooling & shaking device for on-deck integration into Lab Automation systems

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Thermoshake – compact, “all-in-one” Heating/Cooling/Shaking System

Unique heating & cooling & shaking device for on-deck integration into Lab Automation systems

The Thermoshake is the only device for integration on deck into robotic workstations that combines shaker function with active cooling. To make it the “swiss knife” of instruments, it also possesses a heating function.

The unique combination of the Peltier-based heating/cooling principle with the shaking function allows shaking at higher frequencies compared to conventional instruments. The Peltier based heating/cooling function is independent from the shaking system, the temperature transfer to the plate locator is managed by a small liquid loop inside the Thermoshake. Consequently, the reduced weight of the shaking plate makes it possible to achieve higher shaking frequencies, with a longer lifetime for the Peltier unit due to the avoidance of shaking vibrations.

The cooling function allows the use of the Thermoshake even at ambient temperatures. The self-heating that occurs on heat-only shakers can be prevented by this function.

The Thermoshake has a very small footprint and is as such one of the most compact heating/cooling/shaking solutions for most standard ANSI/SLAS plate formats or other reagent containers or tubes.

The cooling function allows to store temperature sensitive samples upfront of the use in an assay or to stop reactions quickly by reducing the temperature of the liquid samples in the same position on deck without the need to move the disposable. This is especially helpful, when working without a gripper but if manual plate movement should be avoided.

The shaking plate is easily accessible by most of the robotic grippers to load and unload the Thermoshake. A variant of the Thermoshake, called Thermoshake RM, is available for the TECAN Freedom EVO and the Fluent platforms for the use with the TECAN RoMa gripper.     

Thermoshake/Thermoshake RM - (7100146/7100144)

  • Heating, cooling & shaking in one device
  • Temperature range: +4ºC to +70ºC
  • Self-heating prevention at ambient incubation due to cooling function
  • Zero positioning function for comfortable robotic gripping
  • Shaking frequency: 100 to 2.000 RPM
  • For standard ANSI/SLAS format plates and tubes 
  • Selectable orbital or linear shaking pattern

Thermoshake AC - (7100160)

  • Active Clamping of disposable
  • Shaking frequency: 300 to 3.000 RPM

The Thermoshake is used for the operation with a large number of established LabAutomation systems, for example:

  • Beckman: Biomek 3000, 4000FX, NX, i-Series
  • PerkinElmer: JANUS, Multiprobe II, Sciclone, Zephyr
  • Hamilton: Star Line, Nimbus, Vantage
  • Tecan: Freedom EVO, Genesis, TEMO, Fluent
  • Agilent: Bravo, BioCel
  • Protedyne: BioCube
  • Xiril: 75, 100, 150 Series