inForm® Tissue Finder™ by Akoya Biosciences

Manufacturer Akoya Biosciences  |   Model: CLS135783  |  Available Worldwide
inForm®  Tissue Finder™ adds exceptional functionality to inForm Cell Analysis to automate the detection and segmentation of specific tissues through powerful patented pattern recognition algorithms. Automation provides consistent reproducible results and enables comparative studies of multiple markers and specimens, supporting researchers to make faster discoveries of the indicators of disease.

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inForm® Tissue Finder™
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Once trained, inForm will locate and analyze user-specified regions automatically across an entire image or multiple images. Large numbers of images can be rapidly batch processed, allowing analysis that might have taken days to be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Visualizes, analyzes, quantifies and phenotypes immune and other cells in situ in solid tissue
  • Pathology Views™ to render immunofluorescence images as H&E, DAB and hematoxylin
  • Automated quantitation of biomarker expression from specific tissue types (e.g. tumor/stroma)
  • Trainable tissue segmentation learns by example – automatically locates tissues / structures of interest
  • Separates weakly expressing and overlapping markers
  • Batch processing of images using customizable image analysis workflows
  • Scoring (% positivity, 0/1+/2+/3+, co-localization and more)
  • Review and merge data from a set of images or slides into summary data files to assure data quality
  • Export data and images for further analysis e.g. TIBCO Spotfire®  Analyst for Quantitative Pathology
  • Supports Akoya's Phenoptics™ 2.0 workflow solution for cancer immunology research