Immunalysis Homogeneous Enzyme Immunoassays (HEIA) by Abbott

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Comprehensive Drug Testing Solutions

Immunalysis Homogeneous Enzyme Immunoassays (HEIA) by Abbott product image
Tramadol Urine HEIA 60mL
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Immunalysis offers a robust and relevant menu of HEIA® reagents, with convenient packaging and automation solutions, to meet the challenges of drug testing today.
All Immunalysis HEIA reagents are liquid stable, ready to use without reconstitution, and available in convenient 60mL wedges for “plug and play” ease.
With over 35 HEIA assays in urine and oral fluid matrices, new developments include Synthetic Cannabinoids (PINACA compounds and a lowered cutoff for Fentanyl (1ng/mL) using our exclusive SEFRIA® technology.