HI-98195 Multi-Parameter Waterproof Meter by Hanna Instruments (USA)

Manufacturer Hanna Instruments (USA)  |   Model: HI-98195
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The HI-98195 measures pH/mV, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Resistivity, Salinity, Seawater and temperature.

HI-98195 Multi-Parameter Waterproof Meter by Hanna Instruments (USA) product image
HI-98195 Multi-Parameter Waterproof Meter

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Average Rating: 4.3
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  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
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    Value for money
    4 out of 5
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Easy to handle! Easy to calibrate in the field! Very useful for field work!
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: pH/ORP/EC/Pressure/Temperature Analysis in the field

"Hanna Instruments pH/ORP/EC/Pressure/Temperature Waterproof Meter (HI98195) is very useful when doing field analysis. The connections are easy to set up and dismantle. The rugged carrying case is handy. It also comes with a hard-case protector to safeguard your sensors."

Review date: 15 Nov 2018 | HI-98195 Multi-Parameter Waterproof Meter

HI-98195 provides multi-parameter measurement in a compact and rugged IP67 waterproof enclosure. Ideal for demanding application, this meter features our rugged, quick connect multi-function probe with field replaceable sensors.

A backlit, graphic LCD provides easy to read resolution even in low-lit areas. A combination of dedicated and soft keys allows easy, intuitive operation in a choice of languages.

HI-98195 allows users to store up to 45,000 continuous or log-on demand samples with logging intervals from one second to three hours. Logged data can be later transferred to a PC with the HI-920015 micro USB cable and Hanna software.

Comprehensive GLP data includes data from the last five calibrations. The contextual Help Menu can be accessed to obtain on-screen information and assistance about each feature at the touch of a button.

pH specific features

  • Up to three point calibration with five standard buffers and one custom buffer available
  • EC/TDS/Resistivity specific features
  • Single point calibration from six standards (84µS/cm, 1413 µS/cm, 5.00 mS/cm, 12.88 mS/cm, 80 mS/cm, 111.8 mS/cm)
  • Automatic temperature compensation configurable temperature coefficient range from 0.00 to 6.00%/°C
  • Choice of reference temperatures at 20 or 25°C
  • Absolute conductivity can be displayed along with the temperature compensated value
  • Auto ranging
  • Practical Salinity Scale (PSU) based on conductivity calibration

Key features

  • IP67 rated waterproof, rugged enclosure for meter, IP68 for probe
  • Colour-coded, field replaceable sensors
  • Auto sensor recognition
  • Automatic logging of up to 45,000 samples
  • Store measurement data at the press of a button
  • On-screen context specific help is readily available at the press of a button
  • PC connectivity via opto-isolated micro-USB with Hanna software
  • Up to 360 hours of battery life, powered by (4) 1.5Vbatteries
  • The HI-7698195 probe features a quick connect DIN connector that makes a waterproof connection with the meter