Gonotec® Osmomat™ Auto by ELITechGroup

Manufacturer ELITechGroup  |  Available Worldwide
The Gonotec® Osmomat™ Auto has over 20 years of experience backing its design and functionality. Reliably obtain a high sample throughput with automatic draining of the measuring system. Automated operation of the Gonotec® Osmomat™ is possible though a simple, menu-driven operating system and minimum user interaction. This instrument has a long operation time with constant stand-by mode so you can work how and when you want. Measure large numbers of samples and determine the

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Gonotec® Osmomat™ Auto
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  • Botany 
  • Clinical Laboratories 
  • Contact Lens Manufacturing
  •  Electron Microscopy 
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing 
  • Forensic Medicine 
  • General Medicine 
  • Hemodialysis 
  • In Vitro Fertilization 
  • Intensive Care Laboratories 
  • Pharmacies and Dispensaries 
  • Physiology 
  • Sports Laboratories 
  • Veterinary Medicine

Measurement Technique
The total osmolality of aqueous solutions is determined by comparative measurements of the freezing points of pure water and of solutions. Whereas water has a freezing point of 0°C, a solution with saline concentration of 1 Osmol/kg has a freezing point of -1.858°C.


  • Flexibility: Fully automatic measurement of up to 20 samples and a long stand-by mode for operation when you need it. 
  • Fast: Short measuring time at approximately 70 seconds per single measurement and disposable plastic measuring vessels for quick clean-up. 
  • Easy Sampling: 50 µL standard sample volume and barcode reader for entering sample data. 
  • Intuitive Programming: Menu-driven operation, automatic error detection, and easy calibration. 
  • Documentation: Integrated printer for documentation with three available print versions. 

Product Overview

Gonotec® Osmomat™ Auto by ELITechGroup product image

Gonotec® Osmomat™ Auto

Manufacturer ELITechGroup  |  Available Worldwide

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