Fastrak® Pipette Tip Refill System by Alpha Laboratories Ltd

Fastrak® is a unique, eco-friendly pipette tip system for rapid refilling of racks with minimal packaging and waste. Fast Racking, Less Packing, Quality Tips

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Fastrak® Pipette Tip Refill System
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Non-sterile/Sterile – Fastrak is available in non-sterile format, and for the most popular sizes also as sterile product.

High Grade Resins - Fastrak employs only high quality tips you can trust. All tips are made with non-cytotoxic, medical grade, 100% virgin polypropylene. Each batch of refills is always tested and certified for extractables (Rnase,Dnase and human DNA) to ensure no interference in PCR or DNA work. Sterile refills are also tested for endotoxin contamination. Metals testing is performed on the resin substrate on a batch by batch basis.

Ultrafine Tips – Most of the Fastrak tips are ‘Ultrafine’. These feature a uniquely thin and flexible top that fits the pipette cone like a glove. They also include an unbevelled point that is so precise you can easily expel the tiniest amount of sample.

Racks – It is quick and easy to refill your used Alpha tip racks or alternatively, we can supply you with free empty racks to get you started. There is a choice of square or round-holed racks for tips up to 250μl. Round-holes are particularly good for multichannel pipettes as they have an anti-wobble feature.