Eclipse Ei Upright Educational Microscope by Nikon Healthcare Business – Microscope Solutions

The Eclipse Ei is a successor of the Eclipse E100 microscope in our portfolio. It is an educational microscope meant for high schools, colleges and universities.

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Eclipse Ei Upright Educational Microscope
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The Eclipse Ei being a proud successor of the Eclipse E100 is also equipped with a powerful LED, providing uniform brightness for the entire field of view.

Ei comes with it's own special objective series: CFI BE2 Plan Achromat Objectives (4x,10x,20x,40x,60x dry,100x oil) which provide users with Nikon's quality performance. For many users, the presence of the 60x dry objective eliminates the need of usage of 100x oil (and subsequent cleaning of such objective). Featuring a simple and easy-to-use design for beginners, strong rigidity to ensure high accuracy and a long life, and an easy-to-store structure, the Eclipse Ei is the perfect choice for educational purposes.

Key features and advantages

  • 20mm FOV eyepieces. With the bigger/wider FOV sample screening is faster which translates into improved work productivity.
  • The 4 position reversed nosepiece. Makes it easier to use than the non-reversed and prevents students from touching (bumping into) objectives when changing slides.
  • Rack less stage without any protruding parts. Lack of protruding parts eliminates the possibility of an injury at the work place.
  • Clear stage caliper/micrometer scales. Clear scale markings facilitate easier positioning and taking measurements from under the microscope. 
  • Upper limit stopper -  to prevent breakage of slides and objectives. It contributes to limiting injuries at the work place. 
  • Compact body -small microscope footprint, in combination with Ei’s light weight enable easier storage.  Less storage place translates into lower costs for occupied space. 
  • Cord wrap at the back of the microscope’s body. It facilitates the storage and ultimately saves time. Having a cord wrap, there is no need of detaching the cord. Since the cord is not bent or squeezed, it prolongs cord’s lifetime. 
  • For classroom and teaching purposes, possibility of adding DS1000 (or a 3rd party camera). Facilitates image sharing and documentation. 
  • Online guide and QR codes for self study and training purposes