Dragon - Temperature Forcing System by Froilabo

Manufacturer Froilabo  |  Available Worldwide
A first in class temperature forcing system providing fast and accurate results. This versatile and stable air generator is perfect for heating electronic components and printed circuits, performing climatic simulations, electronic characterisations and targeted freezing.

Dragon - Temperature Forcing System by Froilabo product image
Dragon - Temperature Forcing System

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The Dragon is a versatile temperature forcing system designed and developed by Froilabo for all your thermal tests. The large intuitive touch screen (with 3 levels of permissions) gives the user easy access to 3 working modes: manual, automatic or programmable to consult and modify the 23 programmable temperature cycles (4 steps each). With fully adjustable airflow (up to 8.4 L/s) the Dragon can operate between -75°C and +250°C with rapid temperature rise and fall. The 4-axis steerable motorized arm and 2 guide handles facilitate easy movement. When the arm is in the up position airflow is set at +20°C, with attenuated airflow and noise, automatic return to the operating parameters as soon as the head is in the down position. At the end of a test campaign, the system blows dry air into the workspace to prepare it for the next campaign. The Dragon can be customised to the needs of the user and is compliant with the European Low Voltage and CE standards.