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Disposal bags

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SARSTEDT’s disposal bags are used to collect and dispose of used disposable products from the laboratory and hospital and are made from a 50 µm-thick polypropylene sheet. This material is particularly resistant to tear and puncturing. However, the bags should never be filled with sharp or pointed objects.

In addition to a range of sizes, colored bags, and bags with 'BiHazard' print are also available. Volumes range from 2 l to 80 l. Disposal bags must be autoclaved when unsealed in order to ensure reliable sterilization.

Product benefits at a glance

  • Sizes from 2 to 80 liters
  • Durable polypropylene for improved safety
  • Suitable for hot steam sterilization in the autoclave
  • Resistant to tear and puncturing
  • Convenient dispenser box and table rack available

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