Cytek® Northern Lights by Cytek Biosciences

Manufacturer Cytek Biosciences
The Cytek team has reimagined what is possible from an affordable, 3-laser flow cytometer. The Cytek ® Northern Lights incorporates the same groundbreaking full spectrum technologies as the Cytek ® Aurora. This means that with just the blue laser, you can run 9-color panels. And with upgradability to 3 lasers and 25+ color panels, the Cytek ® Northern Lights allows researchers to truly maximize the value from each laser.

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Cytek® Northern Lights
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  • Upgradable from 1-laser (blue) and 16 fluorescence detectors to 3-lasers (violet, blue, red) and 38 fluorescence detectors.
  • Capable of highly complex multicolor experiments off fewer lasers. From 9 colors off the blue laser alone, all the way up to 25+ color panels off 3-lasers.
  • Provides extreme reagent flexibility. Run highly overlapping dyes together on co-expressed markers in the same panel (e.g. APC and Alexa 647).
  • Easier experimental design and more flexible panels with less spillover and spread considerations.
  • Extract autofluorescence from samples, improving resolution in normally problematic sample types  (e.g. tumors, lung tissue homogenate).
  • Superior sensitivity and better resolution of rare and dim populations with Avalanche Photodiode (APD) detectors.
  • Optional plate loader to automate sample acquisition using 96-well plates.

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