Countstar Mira FL by ALIT LifeTech Inc

Manufacturer ALIT LifeTech Inc  |   Model: IN050102
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Automatic Fluorescence Cell Analyzer Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Countstar Mira FL
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Average Rating: 5.0
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  • Member since: 2024

  • Organization: Sino Biological US, Inc.

  • Ease of use
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Love the unit, purchased a second
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Recombinant protein expression

"This cell counter is easy to use and has allowed us to quickly determine cell densities and viabilities. We have yet to use the fluorescence function, but our normal cell counting duties are quickly finished with reproducible results. We were impressed enough with this bench top unit that we also purchased the brightfield model."

Review date: 29 Jan 2024 | Countstar Mira FL

Countstar Mira FL is an intelligent, compact, and affordable fluorescence cell analyzer that integrates AI-learning algorithms, patented fixed-focus and optical zoom technology to realize the accurate identification of cell characteristics. The Mira FL provides accurate cell concentration and cell viability information of all types of cells with trypan blue and AOPI staining methods, and supports GFP/RFP transfection experiments. The Mira FL is easy to operate for all levels of users, is compact to save valuable bench space, offers higher throughput at 5 samples/run to save valuable research time, is robust and affordable to meet tight budgets.

Core Advantages

  • Patented Fix-Focus Technology ensures clear images, eliminates manual focusing.
  • AI-based Image Analysis Algorithms ensure accurate identification of complex features.
  • Fast Analysis with 5 Samples/Run saves valuable research time.
  • Affordable Package with a 2-year warranty reduces total ownership cost. 
  • Compact Dimensions saves valuable lab space.