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comPACT® by SPT Labtech

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide
Reliable and efficient sample storage and retrieval has never been more accessible.  

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comPACT ®
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comPACT® provides flexible and secure -20°C storage in a smaller package, meaning that more labs can benefit from the productivity gains offered by automated sample management. With SPT Labtech’s proven pneumatic technology, you can start small now and scale up as you need, always confident in the stability and accessibility of your samples.

Proven SPT Labtech technology in a smaller package
comPACT delivers robust and user-friendly automated -20°C sample management in a smaller, more affordable design.

A scalable solution that grows with your business needs
The modular structure means you can start small now and expand later, offering flexibility and future-proofing as your library grows.

Assured sample integrity with pneumatic technology
We’ve kept mechanical robotics out of the way. Sample tube transport harnesses the power of pneumatics for secure and reliable operation at -20°C.

Easy sample retrieval with vending machine-style design
The user-friendly design and intuitive touchscreen interface enable convenient access to samples. The ability to cherry pick tubes prevents harmful freeze/thaw cycles.

Seamless integration to your existing laboratory systems
By connecting easily to LIMS and automated sample processing workflows, you can take your operational efficiency to the next level.