Cecil Spectrophotometers by Cecil Instruments Limited

Manufacturer Cecil Instruments Limited  |  Available Worldwide
Includes models designed for student teaching, quality control, high performance research.
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Cecil Instruments’ multi-lingual UV/Visible spectrophotometers, have software and accessory options, which enable them to be used for a vast range of UV/Visible measurements and applications.

Cecil Instruments have enhanced the standard features of their timeless classical looking UV/Visible spectrophotometers.

So now, every appropriate UV/Visible spectrophotometer may include free DataStream PC control software, free Validation software, free single cell Kinetics software and free automatic cell changer software. Plus, each UV/Visible spectrophotometer will be supplied with an appropriate dust cover.

The versatile spectrophotometers may also be supplied with a wide range of additional features, such as integrating spheres, nano cells, food and beverage programmes, molecular biology methods, temperature control, automatic cell changers, variable pathlength cell holders, water testing methods, high performance wavelength scanning, multiple wavelength analyses, multi-component analyses, automatic calibration curves, spectral derivatives and dissolution testing accessories. They can be operated in a choice of six languages.

Instantly expandable ESEF software options, provide for instant software upgrades. Code protected, user-created methods are effortlessly added.

All the Cecil spectrophotometers provide for fast, reliable, easy, accurate and precise measurements. The wavelength ranges extend to 1,100 nm.

Cecil Instruments’ UV/Visible spectrophotometers may be used within many fields, such as molecular biology, clinical chemistry, genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, sports testing, production facilities, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research and optical and surface coatings testing for:-

• Production and raw materials batch purity checks.
• Molecular biology measurements, such as nucleic acids and protein.
• Clinical screening and diagnostics.
• Pharmaceutical dissolution testing.
• Production batch yield and completion.
• Kinetics reaction studies.

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Cecil Spectrophotometers by Cecil Instruments Limited product image

Cecil Spectrophotometers

Manufacturer Cecil Instruments Limited  |  Available Worldwide

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