Captair Bio Smart by Erlab

Manufacturer Erlab  |  Available Worldwide
Mobile ductless filtering PCR workstation

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Captair Bio Smart

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Complete protection for your samples

The CaptairBio PCR workstations have a filtering system above the enclosure can be configured to better suit your application requirements; adding an optional carbon filter to the filtration stack guarantees ultra-clean air will flow into the enclosure.

Product features

The unique fan design delivers an even airflow to eliminate turbulence. The UV lamp with reflective panels provides decontamination and easy visibility within the enclosure. Stainless Steel 304 work surface, HEPA H14 filter, and energy-efficient internal lighting. Digital control panel for continuous monitoring of the ventilation flow rate and audible alarm. UV cutoff automatically shuts off the UV lamp when the front shield is opened. UV timer from 5 to 30 minutes. Rear panel ports. The enclosure is made with synthetic glass (10mm thick) designed to protect the user from harmful UV rays.