CamSpec M508 Spectrophotometer by CamSpec

Manufacturer CamSpec  |   Model: M508
UV-Vis single beam scanning spectrophotometer

CamSpec M508 Spectrophotometer by CamSpec product image
CamSpec M508 Spectrophotometer
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The M508 is a vital instrument for research and development, quality control, and sample analysis. It is a basic, affordable and easy-to-use UV-Vis single beam system with stepper motors for wavelength and filters. LCD display with wipe-clean membrane keypad making it ideal for laboratories that are hard to keep clean. It can store up to two hundred methods and results for big analytical projects. Calibrated in the UK using wavelength, absorbance, resolution and stray light international standards by Spectronic CamSpec’s qualified engineers.

The M508 is applicable to the following industries and more:

  • Bioscience
  • Brewing and Drinks
  • Chemical
  • Education