Bullet Blender Gold series Homogenizer by Next Advance Inc.

Manufacturer Next Advance Inc.
Keep samples at 4°C while homogenizing up to 24 samples at a time for consistent, high yields.
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Bullet Blender Gold series Homogenizer by Next Advance Inc. product image
Bullet Blender Gold homogenizer

Next Advance Inc.

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The Bullet Blender® enables you to homogenize, disrupt, or lyse up to 24 tissue or cell culture samples at a time. The Gold series Bullet Blenders keep your samples at 4°C to reduce any degradation and are very quiet.
Consistent and high yields. The Bullet Blender tissue homogenizer prepares up to 24 samples in just minutes, using patented striking technology to oscillate samples at over 100 Hz (equivalent to over 6000 cycles/minute). All of the samples are automatically homogenized in the same manner, with high yields, so there is very little variation from sample to sample.  

Samples stay cool. No cool-down periods are needed. Unlike other bead mill homogenizers, the Bullet Blender applies rapid bursts of agitation with the samples free to oscillate in air. Its elegant design provides convection cooling of the samples, unique to the Bullet Blender. Competing bead mill homogenizers generate excessive sample heating, so they require cool-down periods between periods of agitation, thereby greatly extending homogenization cycles and hankering with sample degradation. In comparison, the Bullet Blender’s unique and elegant design maximizes the efficiency of the agitation, in turn keeping the samples cooler.   
 So many uses. In addition to homogenizing tissue, plant matter, small organisms, and microorganisms, the Bullet Blender tissue homogenizer can also isolate live bacteria from organs, generate nanoparticles, and isolate organelles from cells.
So easy to use. Simply place your sample, beads, and buffer in standard tubes, and load the tubes into the Bullet Blender. Tune the extent of disruption by adjusting the run time and speed on the touch screen display. No special holders are needed. There are no clamp plates or locking rings to fiddle with.
No cross-contamination or sample loss. There are no probes or blades that directly contact samples in the Bullet Blender to cause cross-contamination or sample loss. The sample tubes are kept closed and self-contained during homogenization. For the user, this also means there are no parts to clean between runs.

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Bullet Blender Gold series Homogenizer by Next Advance Inc. product image

Bullet Blender Gold series Homogenizer

Manufacturer Next Advance Inc.

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