Brooks BioStore™ III Cryo by Brooks Life Sciences

The BioStore III Cryo provides the best in class automated storage solution for cellular products and other materials requiring storage temperatures below glass transition (Tg). 

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Brooks BioStore™ III Cryo
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BioStore III Cryo combines Chart MVE’s proven, high-efficiency LN2 stainless steel freezer with Brooks automation technology and software to ensure the highest sample integrity offering the greatest sample protection and comprehensive inventory management and control with a superior user experience at an affordable price. BioStore III Cryo ensures targeted and non-targeted samples are protected from warming above Tg (glass transition) throughout sample retrieval and quality is assured by viewing user access, sample inventory, history, and audit-trail reports.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Compatible with a range of labware, e.g. cryoboxes, vials, microplates
  • Full vial or cassette level inventory tracking
  • Complete -190°C vapor storage environment*
  • SW is capable of providing accurate real-time audit reports
  • LIMS connectivity and system partitioning for shared use
  • Insulating tower temperature protection for non-targeted tubes
  • Ergonomic design for simple user experience and minimized injury risk
  • 17-23 day hold time in case of catastrophic interruption of electrical or LN2 supply (depending on system size)
  • Proven technology: based on Brooks automation expertise and chart MVE freezer
  • Consistent -190°C temperatures achieved for from top to bottom using LN2 vapor
  • A sample integrity calculator protects samples from excessive warming by predicting their temperatures based on experimental evidence
  • Integrity is further enhanced by protecting innocent samples during storage and retrieval transient exposures
  • Racks are quickly pulled into an insulated sleeve, significantly slowing transient warming
  • 20-day safety hold time below -135°C (Tg) with full manual access if power or LN2 are disrupted
  • Comprehensive inventory management with vial-level ID, audit trail, reports, and LIMS connectivity
  • BioStore III controller software and touchscreen enable efficient order management and execution
  • Its easy-to-use graphical interface permits tube-level inventory management plus sample storage, retrieval, and auditing
  • The software monitors storage environment data and has comprehensive error handling
  • LIMS connectivity is available for real-time sample management
  • Full 21-CFR-11 reporting capability is available
  • Administrator-defined libraries and access control can optimize the system as a shared resource
  • *Temperature variation is +/- 6°C due to thermocouple variation and thermal loading