BioStore™ SE by Brooks Life Sciences

Affordable, space efficient, flexible automated -80°C sample storage  
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BioStore™ SE

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BioStore SE is the new space efficient automated -80ºC sample storage system from Brooks. Designed to fit in today’s busy laboratory, where space is at a premium, BioStore SE stores a range of container types and sizes and provides compact, flexible, high density sample storage. BioStore SE could be the first step in simplifying your lab sample inventory and sample management.

• Brooks new small footprint store
• Assured sample integrity and protection
• Fast, controlled, reliable access to samples

• Storage Capacity: From 200,000 to 700,000 samples. Adaptable to meet your future needs
• Space Efficient: Designed to fit in today’s busy laboratory
• Sample security and integrity: Secure and controlled user access. Consistent storage temperatures for ultimate sample integrity
• Labware flexibility and adaptability: Handles the widest range of labware in a small store
• Easy to use: Intuitive user interface. No special expertise required to operate
• Modular automation: Configured with input/output, imaging, and picking modules. Optimized to meet your needs
• -20C Storage Zone: Dedicated storage for multi-temperature requirements
• High-density storage: Reformatting samples to Brooks HD storage trays can more than double storage capacity compared to SBS formatted storage
• Multi-pitch shelving: Dynamic storage shelving maximizes storage density. The sample imaging module captures barcodes, labware type and heights to assure optimal storage location

BioStore SE is the ideal solution for those who have smaller sample library collections but need the benefits of automation like secure, controlled and safe access to their high-quality samples.

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