BeadBeater by BioSpec Products Inc.

Manufacturer BioSpec Products Inc.  |   Model: BeadBeater
The BeadBeater is the ultimate laboratory-scale homogenizer for disrupting aqueous suspensions of yeast, fungi or bacteria.  Complete cell lysis of 10-80 g (wet weight) of cells is achieved in about three minutes of operation. The BeadBeater comes complete with a 350 ml polycarbonate chamber, rotor assembly, motor base, ice-water cooling jacket, and your choice of one pound of glass beads...

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The BeadBeater bead-mill methodology is considered superior to other mechanical methods of microbial cell disruption.  And, in most cases, it is the most economical.  The BeadBeater disrupts microorganisms, single-cell preparations and pulverized plant and animal tissue with better than 95 percent efficiency. Up to 80 grams (wet weight) of cells can be processed in a typical three minute run. Relying on a unique crushing or cracking action rather than high the shear forces found with a French Press or sonicator, a Teflon impeller rotating at high speed forces thousands of minute glass* beads to violently collide in a special clover-leaf shaped vessel. Cells are disrupted quickly, efficiently and safely in the sealed system. The apparatus is easy to clean, has a small footprint, requires no auxiliary supplies or equipment and is essentially maintenance free. Beads settle out in seconds and are reusable.

* Note: Glass beads and zirconia-silica beads having diameters of 0.1 mm, 0.5 mm and 1 mm are prefered grinding media.  Larger beads and heavier beads such as steel beads cannot be adequately agitated.