AQUATek LVA Autosampler by Teledyne Tekmar

Manufacturer Teledyne Tekmar
AQUATek LVA Autosampler  

AQUATek LVA Autosampler by Teledyne Tekmar product image
AQUATek LVA Autosampler
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The AQUATek LVA is a full automation solution for routine analysis of waters by purge and trap concentration. It utilizes a fixed volume loop that is filled with liquid sample, internal and/or surrogate standards are added, and then the sample is transferred to the Lumin or Stratum PTC. Upon completion of the purge step by the concentrator, the AQUATek LVA then initiates a cleanup cycle where the sample loop and concentrator sparger are cleaned with 90o C water via the two-stage water heater.